Run to Sky

Turkey-Run to Sky-5 days-350$-18 May 2019-DIY Adventure

Short Description

Tahtali Run to Sky! Running where the Olympic Torch was lit for the first time, intertwined in history, above the fire of Chimera and from the sea onto the Tahtalı mountain all on the same day. Ranked at the top of our thrilling trail running races list. An excellent weekend Escape from May’s heat with the sweet scent of forests and trail running.

Theme: Trail Running Race weekend escape

Duration: 5 days depending on your preference.

Race day : 18 May 2019 / Recommended Arrival day : 17 May 2019 / Recommended Departure Day : 21 May 2019

Perks: Fits in a weekend+ 2 days. Flights, Transportation, Accommodation, and Food are cheap.

Estimated Cost: from 350$ to 400$, Depending on your accommodation and transportation preferences

Distances available:   29km Run to Sky , 59km Berg Sky

TimeLine :



You will need to arrive at Antalya in order to go to Cirali (the race venue village). The fastest and most comfortable way to go to Cirali is through renting a car- will cost around 30 TL (Turkish Liras)/person per day. Otherwise by taking public transportation bus “Antalya tur”, “Cicek tour” or ” Kumluca Seyhat” from the bus station, Cost is about 8 TL/person. Make sure you tell the driver to drop you off at the Cirali junction. Once you are at the Cirali junction get the mini-bus service to the village center, cost is around 5 TL/person.

Day 1

Arrive at Cirali

Check-in the race for yourself and attend race briefing.

Day 2

Race Day

Enjoy the Run 🙂

Day 3

Reward Yourself

You’ve done a great effort the day before. Use the time relaxing on the beach, chill a bit and try to go out with friends you made on the trail

Day 4

Go Back Home

It’s time to pack your things and go back home, with all the sweet accomplishments and memories from this Adventure

Day 5

Links and Files : 

Race Registration Link: Tahtali Run to Sky

Flights  :  Check Jetrader to find cheap flights  

Recommended Accommodation ( based on price, location, reviews )

Internal Transportation:


Things to Do on the side:

Chill a bit in beach, go scuba diving, visit Chimaera flames.

Things to Keep in Mind :

Food: accessible everywhere.

Safety: Antalya and Cirali are pretty safe places.

Weather: At this time it’s a bit hot, however, at the summit of Tahtali mountain it is a bit cold, so make sure you take proper clothing.

This is a lot to do and I would Love to have some company, can you help?

Of course!  Check the link below for details,

Turkey– Tahtali & Chimera Trail Runs. 16-19th May 2019