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  1. Overview

As a quick summary, we act as a Athletic Adventure Traveling  portal for you to discover and book awesome trips,events and adventures with accommodation providers, tour operators, guides, instructors and other travel providers around the world, for whom we act as an agent. When you make a booking, you are accepting their booking terms and conditions, which we’ll make available to you at the time. Make sure you check those terms. We recommend travel insurance for your trip.

Happy adventuring!

  1. Full Terms


In the event of any difference between the Supplier’s/Host’s terms and conditions and these booking conditions, the supplier’s/Host’s conditions will apply in respect of that difference.

Our service

The aim of this website and our service is to provide access to  Adventure services available from tour operators, accommodation providers and other service providers available around the world.

Should you make a booking, your booking contract is with the supplier(s) named on your booking confirmation emails and is subject to their terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to check these prior to entering into any agreement.

Any dealings between you and any supplier found on or via this Website, including the delivery of products or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and the relevant supplier, and are done so at your own risk.

While we do monitor feedback and reviews of our suppliers carefully, we cannot warrant the quality and standard of any of the Adventures, products or services sold by any of our suppliers. You agree not to hold us responsible or liable for any inconveniences, financial losses of any kind, injury and/or damages of any kind to persons or property arising from any dealings with any supplier. We expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or injury arising at any time out of:

  • the activities of any supplier, including but not limited to mal-practice, negligence or otherwise
  • the products or services offered by a supplier
  • information given by any supplier, either through this website or otherwise, regarding their products and services
  • the purchase of, or inability to purchase, any supplier’s products or services

The terms and conditions of the supplier(s) of your confirmed arrangements will apply to your booking. These terms and conditions may limit and/or exclude the merchant’s liability to you. It is your responsibility to check these prior to entering into any agreement.


Payments are done online via our website

Deposit conditions will be mentioned on the adventure page and shall apply to your booking


Cancellations by you:

If you need to cancel, this may be subject to cancellation fees, these should be outlined in the terms and conditions of the supplier on the event page; otherwise, the following terms applies,

  • In the event of a booking cancellation by the customer , customer is eligible for a full refund if canceled 56 days prior adventure departure ( minus processing fees ) and no-refund if canceled from 56 days onward

Cancellations by suppliers/Hosts:

Most trips require a minimum group size in order to proceed at the advertised price. This will be communicated on the trip details, and to you at the time of booking. Should that minimum group size not be reached at least 42 days before the scheduled departure date we will contact you to discuss options.

We, or the supplier, may also occasionally have to make changes or cancel your booking for other reasons, and reserve the right to do so at any time.

In all circumstances we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible. You will have the choice of either accepting an offer of alternative dates or arrangements of comparable standard from us if available (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value), or cancelling your Adventure and receiving a full refund of all monies paid.

Personal Responsibility

Involvement in adventure sports carries a high risk of damage to property, personal injury or death. You should be sure about all risks involved, and always assume full personal responsibility for this risk.

Pipa’s Athletes do not currently certify, warrant or guarantee that any supplier on this site meets relevant industry requirements, standards and/or levels of qualification and/or certification, including but not limited to areas such as health and safety provision and quality assurance.

You are strongly recommended to take out personal travel insurance and we recommend that every member of your party does so. Some merchants require that you do so. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs.

We do not accept or assume any responsibility or liability for accidents, injuries or even death occurred while taking part in any extreme or adventure sports, whether or not this participation is connected in any way to the use of this website, its information and/or services, and/or to a supplier that is in any way connected with this website, its information and/or services.

Information on the site

While we have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of the information available on this Website, you acknowledge and agree that the information is provided by suppliers and from other third parties. Such content is the responsibility of the merchant or third party creator of the content. We have no responsibility for such content as we are merely providing access to such content as a service to you. We do not endorse, support or represent any information about any arrangements featured on this website or any opinions posted by third parties. We cannot give any kind of warranty concerning the truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information on the website, and we have to disclaim all liability in respect of such information.

The information and materials posted on this website may contain errors, omissions, or typographical errors or may be out of date. You may not rely on any of this content. Please check the information fully with the relevant third party, or another source.

Images, attachments and files made available for download by a third party or supplier are not checked by us for viruses, and you download them at your own risk. Any questions, complaints or claims related to any product, service or information provided should be directed to the appropriate vendor.

Prices quoted are for guidance only. We do our best to ensure that all suppliers offer what they claim to offer, but we are not able to guarantee they do at all times.

Companies, firms, organisations, products, places or persons are referred to on this website for informational and guidance purposes only, and appearance on the site, does not represent an endorsement nor a recommendation. Where a recommendation is explicitly made, this is also intended for purposes of information or guidance only and we make no warranty that this recommendation is fully suitable or acceptable. All advertising is expected to conform to the appropriate advertising standards; however, users are advised to verify product information with the advertiser.

We provide hyperlinks to or refer to external websites for your information only, and we have no responsibility or liability for the content of these websites or pages. Products, services and information on them are the sole responsibility of each individual supplier. References to any products, services, hypertext links to third parties or other information by trade name or otherwise do not necessarily constitute or imply their endorsement by us.

We shall specifically not be held liable to any kind of injury, loss and/or damage to persons or property caused by any actual or alleged, libelous statements, infringements of intellectual property, privacy rights, any other rights of a similar nature, or product liability, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, arising directly or indirectly from use of the website, or from the information and material presented on the website.

Media Content

By agreeing to take part in the activities, you agree for the media collected to be used by us in social media and for advertisements purposes

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  1. Overview

In accepting these terms, you confirm you are authorized to do so on behalf of the company to which they refer.

  1. Terms applicable to host partnerships

2.1. Our service to you

The aim of our service is to provide space for you to display information about your goods and services to prospective customers, and to generate you new ‘Direct Enquiries’, ‘General Enquiries’ and ‘Bookings’ (together ‘enquiry, ‘enquiries’). Direct enquiries and booking are sent specifically to you by the customer, having viewed information about your service. General enquiries are sent by us to a number of different suppliers like you, who we deem to be best able to meet the requirements of the customer. These different types of enquiry will all be clearly labelled in our communication with you.

We reserve the right not to submit, or remove, any reply or quote. We will always try to provide an explanation, but will not be required to.

The customer may also choose to share private contact information with you in order to proceed with a booking. You may use this information to communicate with the customer for the purpose of the booking. In doing so, your account will not contain any further record of this communication. You are still subject to the terms of this agreement, and agree to provide complete copies of your record of communication with a customer if required.

2.2. Limitations of our service

We do not sell or resell any of the goods or services displayed, as we feel this is best done direct by you, who is the expert, and can ensure the goods or services are able to meet the requirements of the customer.

As such we do not act as an agent, or act as go between in any issues relating to a customer’s experience. Any dealings between a customer and any supplier are solely between the customer and the relevant supplier, and are done so at their own risk.

2.3. Code of Best Practice – your agreement with us

By using this service, you are agreeing to work with us according to the following terms.

Your cooperation is essential to our ability to provide the customer a simple, high quality and seamless booking experience, operate efficiently, and generate bookings for you at the lowest possible price.

You understand and accept that failure to comply with these terms will:

Lead to your reduced exposure on the site.

Ultimately lead to the termination of this agreement and the suspension of our service to you.

Respond to enquiries and booking requests within 24 hours

You agree to reply to all Direct Enquiries and Booking Requests within 24 hours, wherever possible. This includes declining enquiries if you cannot accommodate the customer.

You understand that failure to do so will also damage your company reputation – the customer is expecting a response from you.

Keep availability accurate

You agree to ensure your prices and availability are kept accurate and regularly updated.

By marking your product or service as available for a specific date, you are confirming you are willing and able to accept bookings on that date, and will pay the appropriate commission due on these bookings. Unless agreed on a different rate, the default  commission consist of 20$ Plus 15% per of the price per person. If there is a date you are not willing or able to accept bookings and pay commission on, you must mark that date as unavailable by emailing us back.

Honour a Best Direct Price Guarantee

All prices submitted to the site must be the same price or less than the price available to the customer from any alternative source, including but not limited to, direct contact with you, through your website, or through your other advertising or sales partners (‘other source’) for the exactly equivalent product or service.

If we can provide evidence that the same product is available to the customer at a lower price through any other source (‘cheaper quote’), upon our request you agree to make this cheaper quote available for the customer to book through the site. If the customer has already booked and paid at a higher price, upon our request you agree to refund the difference to the customer within 14 days, such that the total price they have paid you will be the same as the cheaper quote.

Not add email addresses, phone numbers and web links to your replies

We provide customers with a simple method to communicate with you through the platform, and confirm bookings with you. This may include email, phone calls, web links and other methods as appropriate.

You agree you will not add any other email address, phone number or website links into the replies you send to customers, except in extenuating circumstances when requested to do so by us or the customer.

Upon our request, you agree to promptly declare the outcome of all enquiries where you do leave an email address, phone number or weblink.

2.4. When commission is due

If a customer books with you at any time after you submit a reply to an enquiry, or receive a call from the customer, you agree to pay a commission on the total value of their booking. Commission is based on the total value of the booking at the time the deposit is paid and is payable within 14 days of booking, or deducted automatically from customer online payments

You agree to declare honestly and promptly every time you receive a new booking from a customer you received contact from through this website. You may receive the booking through this website, or the customer may book direct through your website, email or phone line.

Upon receipt of an email from us stating we have recorded that a customer has booked with you, you must notify us within 14 days if you feel this is incorrect, or if you wish to dispute that a commission is due on this booking.

If you fail to notify us of any dispute within 21 days, the booking will be treated as a confirmed booking, and you will be invoiced for the commission due in accordance with the terms of your price plan.

Commission is due on any booking made by the customer with you, at any time after you submit a reply to that customer through this website. This includes;

  1. a) cases where the enquirer subsequently contacts you direct. This will happen as we may provide your company name, phone number and website link;
  2. b) when that person is already on your database or has booked with you before, if that person makes a new enquiry through the site,
  3. c) the customer contacts you through any other source, including a travel agent, at any time after you submitted your reply to the customer;
  4. d) the booking is made by another person travelling in the same group as the customer who made the original enquiry.

2.5. Our prices

The price plans may remain unchanged, however we reserve the right to change the available plans, or the associated fees, commission rates, payment terms and services included in price plans at any time. If your current price plan has a specified expiry date, any changes to price plans will not affect you until the expiry date of your current plan.

All fees posted must include appropriate VAT or sales taxes. This will be applied in accordance with applicable laws and legislation.

2.6. Taking bookings and payments

When a customer wishes to make a booking they may only make  online payments through the site.

Refunds for Customer booking cancellations:

  • In the event of a booking cancellation by the customer , customer is eligible for a full refund if canceled 56 days prior adventure departure ( minus processing fees ) and no-refund if canceled from 56 days onward

2.7. Your information and images

Suppliers agree that it is their responsibility to submit information and check that all information is accurate, up to date, and complete.

You specifically agree it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of price information displayed to customers about your products and services. You confirm you will accept bookings for your products and services at the price you most recently submitted to the site by any means. It is illegal to provide false or misleading pricing information.

We may wish to use information and images for marketing your goods and services and generating new customer enquiries other than just on this website

Nevertheless, you agree that all information and images provided to us can be used in other forms of marketing, only when expressly connected to your product, without prior approval.

In circumstances where we believe information or an image might be useful in more generic ways, we will undertake to gain your prior approval.

We reserve the right to approve, amend or decline copy at our sole discretion and without explanation. We also reserve the right to change the layout of supplier pages, the information that is displayed, and the look and feel of the site as we deem appropriate and without notice.

2.8. Customer Privacy Protection

We provide space for you to submit quotes to a customer, communicate with the customer and generate new bookings. We may provide the customer with your contact details at such time as we believe it is appropriate.

We will not provide you with direct contact details of the customer, including email address and phone number, until the customer has indicated they wish to share these details with you.

When we do share these contact details with you, they are provided to you in good faith. They are to be used only for the purposes of finalising a booking with the customer. We ask that you respect their privacy and do not use them for any other reason, or share them with any third parties.

You may not attempt to make contact with the customer outside of the website, or encourage the customer to contact you outside of the website. Any attempt to do so will be seen as a breach of this agreement.

2.9. Liability

Suppliers accept all responsibility and liability for their holidays and for their customers and agree that Pipa’s Athletes has no liability.

Pipa’s Athletes and its founders accepts no liability whatsoever for any activity or behavior of any persons who have used the site, made an enquiry through the site or for any behaviour or activity of persons booking and staying with members.

Pipa’s Athletes and its founders accepts no liability for any of the information supplied to us by suppliers for publishing on the site(s).

As far as is permissible by applicable law, we accept no liability for any loss however caused through omission from the web site, typographical errors or late publication or failure from any cause, whether error, technical, late publication or failure to display listings, advertising and/or sponsorship. In any event, our liability for any loss or damage whether caused by negligence or otherwise will be limited to the cost of any listings, advertising and/or sponsorship and we will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage or loss of profit of the purchaser or of any other party nor be liable for any other loss however suffered.

You agree to indemnify us against all losses, damages, claims or expenses (including legal costs), which we may reasonably incur, on account of any claim by a third party arising directly or indirectly from the information provided by you for listings, advertising and/or sponsorship, or from the activities, mal-practice or negligence of you, the supplier. This may include, but is not limited to, claims that any information provided by you, the supplier, is in anyway misleading, inaccurate, libellous and/or offensive, and any action for breach of contract, and/or any tortious action.

2.10. Termination

Both parties reserve the right to terminate this agreement without notice. Any bookings taken before termination will be honoured, and the conduct of both parties in respect of these bookings will be regulated according to the terms of this agreement.