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Host FAQs

What is Pipa’s Athletes?

Pipa’s Athletes is an Athletic Adventure Traveling Portal.

We believe that the best way to see the word is when combining Athletics, Adventures, and Traveling. Add to it the spices of making friends and sharing the experience in small groups.

We wouldn’t describe PIPA as a company but a community of people who believe in the idea of Athletic Adventure Traveling.

What will Pipa’s Athletes do for me?

As a Host, Pipa’s Athletes provide you the opportunity to use your off-days to meet new people and give them a chance to experience what you like doing, whether it’s racing in a local event or just a social Adventure ( like hiking, trail running or MTB).

And why not make extra Cash too! All you need to do is fill in the form and we will help you all the way. We will also manage all administration requirements such as Marketing, Communications and payment processing.

What are Pipa’s Athletes Adventure Themes?

Pipa’s Athletes allows you to choose from 2 Adventure Themes to offer,

1- Racing Theme
To provide the participant with a richer racing competitive experience, you are required to arrange everything around a pre-organized athletic event to allow a more convenient and rich  racing experience.  You will need to offer the complete Itinerary with a guide, customized for an enhanced experience from the moment they land until they leave ( unless mentioned otherwise in the event page)

2- Social Adventure Theme
This is for the people who are not looking for competition but still have the Urge for Athletic, Adventure, Traveling and sharing it with small groups.

This is theme depends on the organizers creativity. You will be required to manage and organize everything for a social athletic activity such as social trail runs around iconic concepts  or hiking trips(Example: running from little Petra to Petra or the transitions from desert to greenery in Salalah Trail run).

This requires the host to organize the complete activity including the Athletic activity and to ensure maximum safety measures and organize the itinerary and transportation requirements. All information you need shall be detailed on the event page

What does the customer expects from me?

You are expected to comply with the offering detailed on your event page.
To better understand what the customer expects, please visit the Customer FAQ page

How Much Does it cost to post my event?

Nothing! We do not charge you anything. We only add our commission to your posted cost which is  paid by the customer.

What if the Minimum number of participants required were not met?

By submitting this application you commit and guarantee that the activity will take place if the Minimum no. of people is met. On the other hand, 42 days before your event start date, you will be notified if the minimum people specified was not met and you will be given the choice whether to maintain the activity or cancel it.

What does my cost should include?

The cost provided by you should include everything you’re offering and anything listed in the inclusions

Can I edit my Listing?

Yes, All you need to do is to email us what need to be adjusted

How do I get Paid?

Payments shall be issued directly to your bank account. Other arrangement could be made upon request

I’ve got a question, how can I contact you?

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] We usually respond within 24 hours.