About Pipa’s Athletes

Pipa’s Athletes is an Athletic Adventures Portal

Redefining adventure definition, Simply because it’s the best way to Adventure the world!  

We started Pipa’s Athletes to provide people with an exceptional escape Portal. Something. We’ve experienced and captivated by since first tried it. It could be defined as some kind of an Escape Portal design to satisfy peoples needs to Explore, Socialize, Workout and Engage with nature and foreign cultures throughout the short few off-days we usually waste (commonly weekends and Public holidays).

Founder Story

I live in UAE (People commonly recognize Dubai). A place where it gets unbearably warm during summer which stretches from April until October. As a triathlete and a runner, keeping my fitness intact is a struggle with temperatures hitting 55 degrees Celsius ( feels like 70sh degrees) and poor taste to indoor training.

I was desperately looking for alternatives! I was looking for Adventures, And so, I decided to go with a group of nice people to Salalah (2 hours flight distance) to run some trail I made up.

It was a Brilliant Adventure !!!

Over the weekend, we flew to one of the most unique landscapes, explored explicit mindblowing trails, ran around 19 km in total in 2 completely un-proportional landscapes, had nice local feasts, explored sightseeing attraction, and got the time to make new friends. All of this was over a weekend which people normally waste in a way or another with very little to remember.


Sharing and Caring 

And from this point onwards, we became dedicated to sharing and availing this experience around the idea of Athletic Adventure Traveling. Every now and then along with passionate athletes, we organize trips to magnificent places.

Possible Adventure Activities,

-Trail Running -Hiking -MTB -Road Cycling -Commuting Cycling -Triathlon -Obstacles Racing -Open water swimming – Swim and run

How  To?

We offer you the whole experience in one package. For more details on our upcoming adventures, check out Group Adventure Page.

OR you may want to try to do the Adventure yourself. It’s free and it has all the details you need.  Check out DIY Adventures Page for Ideas and Details.

Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help out.